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Paint it Red 2

About Paint it Red 2

About Paint it Red 2

Paint it Red 2 is an addictive particle puzzle flash game. The goal of the game is to paint canvas as red as possible. Black and yellow are "not red at all", giving 0% red. Colors that are more close to red, like orange or dark red, give bigger values, depending on how close to red they are. Total value is sum of "redness" of all pixels on canvas, divided by number of pixels.

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Genre: Puzzle - Other
Rating: 4.51
Votes: 8
Game Plays: 34489
Submitted: 2010-04-13
Author: tylor
Sponsor:  moonmana
File size: 787.33kb
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Weird particle puzzle game. Paint canvas red with mouse movements
Characters left: 2000
2010-07-06 at 15:21
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