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Crazy Stunts 2

Hi! We are excited to send our first new game "Crazy Stunts 2" to you. It would be much appreciated if you host our game on your fabulous site. Please find game details below : Game Name : Crazy Stunts 2 Description : Ride your bike and perform stunts in the crazy stunts series. Collect stars on your way to score your best in every level. You have only 3 lives to complete each level. All the best! Help : Use arrow keys Category: stunt games, driving games, racing games, sports games. Play here : http://www.racingninja.com/crazystunts2.html Entire Game Pack can be downloaded at: http://www.racingninja.com/crazystunts2.zip Thank you and regards, Racing Ninja Please submit your games to webmaster@racingninja.com

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Genre: Sports - Bike
Rating: -
Votes: 0
Game Plays: 21297
Submitted: 2013-06-12
Author: racingninja
File size: 2.18Mb
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