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2d art outsourcing services

What does it take a game to become popular and therefore profitable? The market today is full of various options. Once users open the store, they get dazzled by such a wide range of offers. That is why it is crucial to make sure the game you are going to launch is bug-free as well as visually attractive. 

Visual matters indeed!

It is fair to say that any video game is a work of art. It requires game developers and designers to put a good deal of time and effort into delivering 2D concept art for a game. 

Why you should consider 2D art outsourcing services

Opting for 2D game art outsourcing is the right solution. Why? This approach has numerous and quite significant benefits. Check out some of them: 

The best thing about outsourcing game art services is saving time. If you decide on working with outsourcing 2D artists, you will be able to relieve the workflow and make the process run smoothly and quickly. We know that time is money, and with outsourcing, you can focus on other more important spheres like promotion and sales development, while specialists are working on 2D game design for your game. A team of 2D artists will deliver a high-quality design sticking to the deadline. 
Developing an impressive game is not cheap. What if we say that choosing outsourcing 2D game art services will reduce the expenses incurred? Yes, that’s true. You get the flexibility – that means the services are availed when required only. Things are different when you’ve got an in-house team – in this case, there is a fixed overhead cost. It’s all about flexibility! 
One more considerable reason is vast expertise and experience. You can cooperate with a team of high-skilled professionals in 2D art design. The best designers will create unique and impressive 2D art from scratch for you after just taking a look at the game document. All you need to do is share the initial idea along with the details and agree on its implementation. Then the team of 2D artists will do all the work for you. Forget about managing all those 2D creation processes.
2d art outsourcing games

You’ve figured out why 2D video game art outsourcing is a good idea for your project. 

Now comes the next question.

How to find a 2D art outsourcing studio?

Well, that’s kind of a challenge. If you do it for the first time, you may be at a loss. What should you start with? Where is it better to search? How to make the right decision? Dozens of questions are on your mind. 

To play it safe and avoid taking risks, try looking for vendors yourself.

Alternatively, make use of such online platforms as LinkedIn, ArtStation, GoodFirms, Clutch etc. 

Once you start the search, you will be amazed by a huge variety of candidates. The market is overloaded now so it gets harder to choose. Consider the following steps:

  • compare pricing rates
  • post a job advertisement
  • study potential candidates carefully
  • ask their 2D game art portfolios
  • check the skillset
  • give a test task (optional) 

Keep in mind that completing each step and choosing the best 2D art outsourcing studio will take you some time – about 1-2 weeks.

2d character concept art outsourcing

In Moonmana, we bring together high-skilled and experienced game developers, who know how to create a game that will reach the top. We are a team of dedicated professionals with 14+ years of expertise in game dev and we love what we do. 

Optimize your  time – reach us and we will provide all the details concerning 2D game art outsourcing services.

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