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Top quality 2D animation services for games

Moonmana is a 2D animation company offering top-quality game development services that exceed expectations. We bring together high-skilled, experienced, and dedicated developers, designers, and artists. Our team knows exactly how to create professional-level 2D animation. 

2d animation studio

2D Animation Services We Provide

In our 2D animation agency, we are proud of the numerous successful projects we have already completed and we look to accomplish more! Tell us about your idea in detail and our specialists will create animated 2D characters and environments for your game according to your requirements:

  • 2D character animation
  • 2D environment animation
  • 2D props animation
  • Benefits Of Our 2D Animation Services

    We are experienced

    Moonmana has extensive experience in game development. We’ve been in the game development industry for many years, so we know it inside out. We keep up with all the industry trends and updates to stay on track and provide clients with top-level products. Moonmana specialists can create 2D animation for different settings and game genres including strategies, battles, simulators, adventure games, sports games, fantasy games, shooters, and many more.

    A talented and passionate team

    Our team consists of talented professionals possessing deep expertise in 2D animation.

    Top technologies

    We apply top-notch technologies and use innovative approaches. We ensure the results are of the highest quality

    40+ clients trust us

    Numerous positive feedbacks and high estimations from our clients are the best proof and reward.

    Constant communication and support

    We will guide you throughout the entire process and help to advance your initial idea.

    Technologies we use

    Moonmana tv paint

    Our 2D Animation Process

    As a 2D animation production company, we know every slightest detail of the 2D animation process. Moonmana 2D animation service includes the following stages leading to an excellent final product:


    Providing 2D animation service for clients, we carefully discuss the requirements, provide references and moodboards, and create animation sketches. After all preparations are done, we start working on the animation itself, ensuring smooth communication at each stage.

    Our 2D Animation Outsourcing Projects

    gone with the storms moonmana game


    LEARN MORE Genre: RPG, Action-adventure
    Technologies used: Houdini, Unity
    Platforms: PC (Steam)

    Gone with the Storms is a unique mix of isometric RPG and story-driven detective game focused on a 2-player Co-op progression. Split screen action scenes with QTE executed by 2 players simultaneously.

    About Moonmana

    Moonmana is a global game development company founded in 2008

    The company works with top-notch game development companies and publishers around the world: Warner Brothers, Glu, Rollic, Azerion, Gameforge, and others. The key to the company’s success is talented and experienced professionals.

    Currently, more than 50 experienced and high-skilled experts in game development, including 2D animation artists, work in Moonmana, and this number keeps growing.

    In the process of 2D game art creation, we are gathering the overall expertise, latest trends, and a personalized approach to delivering splendid games all over the world. We create games from scratch and lead the process from conceptualizing up to production.

    Moonmana art character

    Our Team Of 2D Animation Artists

    Overall, our team has more than 50 talents ready to deploy the 2D animation project, backed by a high level of expertise and skills. We’ve been in game development and animation creation for 14+ years. Our dedicated 2D artists work hard to achieve the best result and satisfy all clients’ demands. Numerous positive feedbacks prove that!

    Our clients say

    Slide Sergey Berezhnoy Moonmana team expertly intertwined meta from betting business into core game mechanics and integrated it with the real-life realm of football and betting. This successful project had 100,000 players DAU. Sergey Berezhnoy CPO parimatch Slide Great service delivered for our first milestone and we are looking forward to continue our relationship. Catalin Barascu CMO, IBM Central & Eastern Europe Slide Alexey Menshikov I'm completely amazed on how Moonmana team takes, manages and supports the projects across every game development stage. They helped us much with game porting for XBOX, PS4, PS5 and Switch. Highly recommend! Alexey Menshikov CEO, Beatshapers beatshapers Slide Alexander Rösner Moonmana full-cycle game development company is an amazing partner with a very experienced and skilled team. They develop high-quality projects with unique worlds, game mechanics, and easily overcome the obstacles. Alexander Rösner CEO gameforge Slide Andrey Zolotarenko Moonmana’s crew has been working closely with our in-house team of engineers, performing the perfect co-development synergy that culminated with the game release within a very strict deadline. Andrey Zolotarenko Co-Founder at Hitberry Games hitberry games Slide Aron Beierschmit We've worked with Moonmana on several projects and they have always been very professional, seamlessly integrating resources into our project teams. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for talented client engineers. Aron Beierschmit CEO, Laguna Games laguna games


    What is 2D animation?

    2D animation is a so-called cartoon-style animation where objects are two-dimensional (there are only width and height), as you may guess from the name. This means they exist as flat images created by an artist. 

    In a high-quality 2D animation characters do not look frozen or stiff – their movements are fast and realistic. The illusion of movements is reached by sequencing individual drawings together over a defined period of time.

    Why is 2D animation important?

    2D animation provides vibrant and vivid colors mixed up with stunning visuals and characters which draw players’ attention.

    Is 2D animation still relevant?

    The answer is yes, definitely! It is impossible to say that 2D is “dead” or worse than 3D just because it is simpler and older. In fact, each animation type has its target, admirers, and games it is used in. 2D isn’t left in the shadows. It exists simultaneously with 3D. 

    2D animation is still in high demand for different game development: RPG, PvP, P2E, battles, shooters, idle games, card games, and so on.

    What are the stages of 2D animation?

    The process of 2D animation creation is quite complex. It requires specialists to complete the following stages:  

    1. Planning – this is the moment where the project starts. At this level, all details are carefully planned after the team has understood the client’s wishes and requirements. The first phase involves discussing references and mood boards, sketching, designing, rigging, and other animation techniques. It takes communicating with the client a lot to get the purpose clearly and approve the plan.
    2. Development – here comes the core stage of the 2D animation development cycle. This is the most time- and effort-consuming level. The team will cover backgrounds, layouts, frames, view perspectives, and other crucial details. 
    3. Production – the final stage of the 2D animation development process! Here the team usually polishes the product to make sure it is perfect. All the corrections are controlled by the customer. 
    4. Post-production – during this stage the animation is enhanced with composition, lighting, and color correction. 

    No stage can be skipped. Following this instruction with proper accuracy leads to a great final product.

    Why outsource 2D animation services?

    Choosing a 2D animation studio saves you time to a considerable extent – it will allow you to relive the workflow so you can free your time for other important tasks. At the same time, the process will run quickly and smoothly. 

    2D animation outsourcing helps to reduce expenses. How? This gives you the flexibility of availing the services when required only. In contrast, having an in-house team needs a fixed overhead cost. Turning to outsource professionals when there is a necessity is more cost-effective.

    Last but not least – experience and expertise. You can hire a team of high-skilled 2D artists and designers who have been creating animation for years and know every slightest detail of the process. They know how to avoid common mistakes and reach the goal faster. If animation is not your specialization, it is better to choose an outsource 2D animation studio and focus on your core functions.

    How to hire the best 2D animation companies?

    If you are looking for a 2D animation company to work with for the first time, you may be at loss. 

    There may be a lot of questions on your mind and the most important is how to make the right decision. First, outline the demands and requirements of your project. It is important to give clear tasks so no misunderstandings come up. We strongly recommend you pay special attention to a company’s skillset, testimonials, core services, and portfolio. Verifying the level of experience is a MUST before the process starts. 

    In Moonmana we guarantee you will be satisfied with the professionalism, expertise, and passion we have for your game!

    Which software do you use for 2D animation services?

    In Moonmana, we apply top-notch technologies in terms of 2D animation creation. We use Spine, TVPaint, ToonBoom Animation, Adobe Animate, and other software to design advanced 2D animation for your game!

    Contact us

    Do you have an idea and would like to come in to discuss your game project requirements? Just hurry up and contact us. Submit the form and let’s check how we can cooperate.