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We offer top-notch outsourcing game design services.

Hire game designers

Hire game designers who will augment your core team and help you reach your objectives. Trust our profound experience – Moonmana experts are well-versed in different game design services.

Moonmana develops stunning games of various complexity, genres, and types for our clients. Our talented designers will bring your idea to life and deliver a game that will exceed your expectations.

Hire game designers to develop a game from scratch, scale up your in-house team, or provide a necessary update to an already existing game.

Game Design Services
We Provide

GDD from scratch

We will help you upgrade and improve your idea or come up with a unique game concept. Our talented designers will provide a comprehensive game design development starting from conceptualization to the final release adhering to the latest industry trends.

Enhancing your core team

We will analyze your project’s current stage to assemble the team of required specialists. Our experienced game designers will smoothly integrate with your team to help you achieve your goal and complete your project on time.

Post-launch game support

We provide full post-launch support after the game is released. Our experts will make on-time improvements, create additional DLCs, characters, quests and storylines to ensure the maximal players’ satisfaction and reach high attraction rates.

Technical Expertise Of Game Designers

Referring to our vast experience and strong skills in game design development, we know well how to develop a game that is lucrative, engaging, and fun. At our game development company, we apply cutting-edge technology and the most innovative methods in the process of exciting game design creation.

Hire game graphic designer team to implement your idea in accordance with your requirements and your target audience’s preferences. Our team brings together talented, high-skilled, and creative designers. We will boost your project by producing unique and beautiful objects, characters, environments, icons and items, game assets, and more for your game.


How To Hire
Game Designers?

Have a promising idea and look for professional developers and designers to turn it into a playable game? You’ve come to the right place! At Moonmana, you can hire a game designer team to integrate with your in-house team and help develop a high-rated game that will hit your target audience.

We will start by thoroughly studying your project’s current stage to determine what kind of specialists you require. We will share our case studies, portfolio, company decks as well as the conditions of hiring game designers. Let us do the best work for you.

Our Game Designer Hiring Models

Our working process is transparent and smooth for both sides. Moonmana works
according to 2 basic cooperation models so that each client can choose the most suitable option.


This project-based model allows a client to fully delegate the process of game design development. Our experts take full responsibility for delivering your game product according to all specifications and timelines.


Here you will hire game designers to work on the project under the management of the client side. You are provided either with a team of specialists selected according to your requirements or with an expert in the necessary area hired separately from our pool of candidates.

Hiring Process

We guarantee that the hiring process is smooth and transparent to start the game design development instantly. Turn to Moonmana to hire game designer or we will assemble a team of the best experts ready to complete your tasks. The hiring process is as follows:

Project requirements research

Preparing the offer with relevant candidates

Conduct interview series

Assemble teams

Define pipelines and milestones

Define the start date

Our clients say

Slide Sergey Berezhnoy Moonmana team expertly intertwined meta from betting business into core game mechanics and integrated it with the real-life realm of football and betting. This successful project had 100,000 players DAU. Sergey Berezhnoy CPO parimatch Slide Great service delivered for our first milestone and we are looking forward to continue our relationship. Catalin Barascu CMO, IBM Central & Eastern Europe Slide Alexey Menshikov I'm completely amazed on how Moonmana team takes, manages and supports the projects across every game development stage. They helped us much with game porting for XBOX, PS4, PS5 and Switch. Highly recommend! Alexey Menshikov CEO, Beatshapers beatshapers Slide Alexander Rösner Moonmana full-cycle game development company is an amazing partner with a very experienced and skilled team. They develop high-quality projects with unique worlds, game mechanics, and easily overcome the obstacles. Alexander Rösner CEO gameforge Slide Andrey Zolotarenko Moonmana’s crew has been working closely with our in-house team of engineers, performing the perfect co-development synergy that culminated with the game release within a very strict deadline. Andrey Zolotarenko Co-Founder at Hitberry Games hitberry games Slide Aron Beierschmit We've worked with Moonmana on several projects and they have always been very professional, seamlessly integrating resources into our project teams. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for talented client engineers. Aron Beierschmit CEO, Laguna Games laguna games
2D game artists for hire

Why Hire Moonmana Game Designers?

Moonmana has 14+ years of proven track record in providing both full-cycle and outsourcing game development services. We turn your ideas into stunning playable games of various complexity, genres, and types by sticking to the highest standards. Our dedicated experts are fully committed to every project we take on. Here you can hire game designers ready to develop your dream game!

We ensure

Incredible love for game development and strong skills in top-notch technologies allow us to stand out from the rest of our competitors.

Personalized approach
and full transparency


Smooth production

Extensive pool of top game designers
with profound experience



technologies used

High security
and quality

Our cases

Haddie's Pizzeria game Moonmana

Haddie’s Pizzeria

LEARN MORE Genre: Simulator
Technologies used: Unreal Engine 4
Platforms: PC (Steam), PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo

Extremely realistic simulator powered by Houdini and Unreal Engine. The player has to work in an apartment in modern design, solving different tasks such as cooking pizzas via the real-life recipes, meanwhile rethinking the life’s transience, the futility of pleasure, and the inevitability of death.

hire game designer case study dwarves


Genre: MMO
Strategy Launched: 2016

Localized 22 languages
Players in 193 countries
Top 100 Strategy Games in 40 countries on Microsoft Store.
230 000 registered game accounts

2d artists for hire moonmana games


LEARN MORE Genre: RPG, Action-adventure
Technologies used: Houdini, Unity
Platforms: PC (Steam)

Gone with the Storms is a unique mix of isometric RPG and story-driven detective game focused on a 2-player Co-op progression. Split screen action scenes with QTE executed by 2 players simultaneously.

hire game designer case study pirates


Genre: MMO Strategy
Launched: 2014

Localized 21 languages
Players in 135 countries
Top 5 Strategy Games in 44 countries on App Store.
> 2M registered game accounts

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About Moonmana

Moonmana is a global game development company founded in 2008

We’ve been gaining expertise in game development for 14+ years yet we keep growing and striving for more together. Our studio provides advanced outsourcing services as well as game development from scratch. Here you can hire game designers to take on your project or integrate with your core team. We are good not only at game development but at idea generation, too.

Our specialists are ready to turn your ideas into reality according to your specific requirements and needs. Moonmana works with top-notch game developers and publishers all over the globe: Warner Brothers, Glu, Rollic, Azerion, Gameforge, and others. Our team brings together highly-skilled and dedicated talents in game development. Moonmana keeps expanding the pool of our game development services.

We always follow the latest industry trends and insights and apply a client-oriented approach in terms of every project. We help clients reach their goals quickly and efficiently.

Our company is proud to have 30+ trusted partners all over the globe and 50+ successful projects in our portfolio. Moonmana provides a proven track record and ensures high-level project implementation.

Moonmana art character


What Is Game Design?

Game design is a crucial component of the entire game development process involving the creation of rules and operations for user interaction with the game. On one hand, game design requires creativity for creating the atmosphere, story, and aesthetics of the game. On the other hand, it is a technical process focused on deciding game mechanics, balancing, and so forth.

What Do Game Designers Do?

A game designer is responsible for the concept of the gameplay, layout, and other creative aspects. In simple terms, game designers are in charge of the creative aspect of game development. They come up with ideas, build prototypes, and create interactive narration. Hire game graphic designer to manage the game rules, plot, quests, characters, maps, scenarios, difficulty levels, victory and defeat conditions, and so on.

How Much Does A Game Design Cost?

A game design cost depends on several key factors such as the game complexity, genre, type, desired features, timeline, the team’s level of expertise and experience, etc. Reach out to us so we can analyze your project’s basic requirements and objectives, help you hire game graphic designer or a team of experts, and calculate the expenses. 

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