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HTML5 Game Development Company

Choose Moonmana as a reliable partner in your end-to-end html5 game development.

Html5 browser games still maintain a high demand and continue attracting new players. What does that mean? It’s high time to start creating your unique game with the help of experienced professionals.

Moonmana is proud of its deep expertise in making html5 games that appeal to an extensive audience. Entrust your game project to our html5 game development company and be sure the final result will go beyond your expectations!

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Benefits Of Our HTML5 Game Development Services

We specialize in developing advanced, visually appealing, and lucrative games that are incomparable in terms of design, functionality, and performance.

If choosing Moonmana as your partner in html5 mobile games creation, you will be rewarded with a number of benefits:

 In-depth expertise in reliable cross-platform game development

▸ Vast experience

▸ Top-notch technologies and agile methods

▸ Affordable development costs

▸ Ongoing maintenance and support

▸ Flexibility

▸ Transparent and smooth communication

▸ On-time delivery

Our Technology Expertise in html5 Game Development

We put the primary focus on developing high-quality games with excellent visuals and impeccable gameplay. To reach this objective, we utilize the full potential of the latest tools and emerging technologies. Moonmana can become your trusted provider of cutting-edge html5 game dev solutions.

We leverage the power of the HTML5 language to create exceptional web games that captivate and engage players regardless of their age.

Our team is attentive to the smallest details, so depending on the required functionality, we carefully select the right database, language, frameworks, and the best tools for your project.

Our HTML5 Game Developers

We have a fantastic team of 50+ robust developers ready to turn your concept into an epic html 5 3d game that completely matches your requirements and preferences.

We’re proud to have a team of talented and creative designers, developers, artists, and QA experts. Everyone does their fair share to deliver world-class games of various genres and complexity levels. Our team has sufficient experience in building cross-platform titles from scratch as well as enhancing game projects as outsourcing specialists.

We nurture your ideas and turn them into playable games that hit the target. This is what makes our html5 game development studio a reputable partner and an industry leader.

Our HTML5 Game Dev Process



3Choosing the
tech stack

4Game design and
art production




and support

Our case:
Ultimate Pirates

Ultimate Pirates is an online strategy game with RPG elements and real-time multiplayer player versus player battles.

We covered co-development of the game:

  • Engineering
  • Game design
  • QA


  • HTML5 game development using HAXE programming language and Kha SDK
  • Mobile and Desktop versions: Proprietary C++ Engine
  • Cross-platform game development
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OUr case:
7+ Mobile Games

Moonmana team worked on action, racing, role playing games, several parts of the world famous franchises:

  • 1st with over 120M installations
  • 2nd with over 50M installations
  • 3rd with over 500K installations

We covered full-cycle game development:

  • Engineering
  • Game design
  • 3D Art and Animation

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

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Our case:
Action-Racing Simulator

Moonmana team ported the action-simulator game from mobile to web:

  • Porting the game from 3D to 2D (from Unity to a proprietary engine)
  • UI/UX adaptation for Web without touch screen controls
  • Improvement and customization of game mechanics
  • New levels development
  • Collision handling, adaptation of objects movement trajectory and physics from 3D to 2D

Technology: HTML5, Haxe

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web

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Our case:
MMO Strategy

Moonmana team worked on the action-packed mobile MMO strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic future, powered by Elixir-based server.

We covered co-development of the game:

  • Engineering
  • QA

Android, iOS

Technologies used:
Unity, Elixir

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Why Hire HTML5 Game Developers By Moonmana?

We’ve sharpened our skills and gained experience over the years to become a perfect html5 game development services provider. At Moonmana, we have a clear understanding of both sides — we know what a client needs and what players look for in web games.

As true professionals, we merge this knowledge with creativity and passion and create html5 games that leave lasting impressions.

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About Moonmana

Founded in 2008, Moonmana has been a global game development company for 15+ years.

We develop thrilling games of different types and genres and offer an extensive range of services: from outsourcing and outstaffing to full-cycle game development.

We’ve gained long-term expertise and are ready to deploy a game development project as per your unique requirements and needs. Moonmana has built solid partnerships with some of the leading worldwide game publishers: Warner Brothers, Glu, Rollic, Azerion, Gameforge, and others. The key to our html5 game studio success is a huge international team of the best experts who are well-versed in advanced game development. Moonmana keeps growing and expanding its game development services.

As we guide game development cycles, we harness our expertise in the latest industry trends and insights to provide a personalized approach in terms of each project. We know how to create first-rate games that reach impressive numbers of downloads.

Moonmana has 30+ trusted partners all over the globe and 50+ successfully completed projects.

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What is HTML5 Game Development?

HTML5 game development is a process of turning an idea into a game for various platforms while using HTML5. Such games are popular as they’re easily played on multiple devices via web browsers. HTML5 game development is preferred by many developers as the language is based on JavaScript and is relatively easy to learn and use.

Is HTML5 good for game development?

The Hyper Text Markup Language offers a list of top-notch features, including unified support for the most popular web browsers, 2D and 3D graphics, audio APIs, offline asset storage, etc. These factors make HTM5 a great solution for game creation. Besides, the language is quite easy to learn and work with. 

How to Make HTML5 Games?

The process of HTML5 game creation encompasses idea generation, requirement analysis, designing, production, testing, launch, and some other smaller yet important operations. However, you should never underrate the preparation phase as it considerably impacts the final result. You must begin by defining the key objectives, thinking through an ​​engaging storyline, and carefully planning every aspect of the development cycle. 

How Much Time Does it Take to Develop an HTML5 Game?

The time an html5 game development studio needs to create a game varies according to several factors, namely the required features, the game type, the number of platforms, the resources a team has at their disposal, the scope of the game, the necessary number of assets, the engine, the html5 game studio size, skills, and experience, etc. On average, it takes about 4-12 weeks to complete a project. Still, you should consider all of these factors to provide an accurate time estimation.

What Are The Different Types Of HTML5 Games That You Can Develop?

Using ​​html5, games across multiple types can be developed. Check out the most popular game types:

  • Mini-games that don’t require players to have any special skills
  • Simple ​​html5 2d game engine games with limited gameplay yet outstanding user engagement
  • Social games which can be played within social media apps
  • Feature-rich mid-level games that offer multiple levels, numerous characters, storylines, and a thrilling gameplay experience
  • 3D games provide users with immersive graphics, excellent sounds, and so on

How Much Does HTML5 Game Development Cost?

Cost estimation is an essential part of the pre-development phase. When planning a budget, you should remember that expenses depend on a number of project specifics. Take a look at the most critical factors for you to consider when counting the development costs:

  • The game’s complexity
  • Features
  • The target platforms
  • The required frameworks and technologies
  • Possible changes in the game’s scope 

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