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Talented 3D

Don’t know where to hire 3D artists? Moonmana can assemble a team of specialists with strong skills and vast experience in game art production.

Our talented artists will craft the best visuals for your project. Trust our expertise and let the true experts create stunning and unique 3D characters, objects, and environments for your game.

3D Services We Provide

3D game art development
from scratch

Our team starts working on the project shortly after the NDA is signed. We are responsible for full-cycle visual content development adhering to the highest game art creation standards.

Enhancing your core art
production team

We will provide you with an experienced 3D artist for hire who will integrate with your in-house team smoothly. We will study the current stage of your game development process to make up the optimal composition of specialists required for your project.

Hire Moonmana 3D artists team for:

  • 3D character design
  • 3D environment design
  • 3D hard surface design
  • 3D props design
  • VFX and animation

Our 3D Artist
Hiring Models

At Moonmana, our working process runs smoothly for both sides. Moonmana works
according to 2 basic cooperation models so that each client can choose the most suitable option.


Such a project-based model allows you to fully delegate 3D game art creation. Moonmana takes full responsibility for delivering high-quality art services according to all specifications and timelines.


Opting for an experienced 3D artist for hire to work on the project under the management of the client side. You are provided with a team of specialists or with a single expert from our pool of candidates.

Technical Expertise Of Our 3D Artists

Moonmana has 14+ years of proven track record and guaranteed high-level project implementation. We utilize high-end technology and the most innovative methods in the process of 3D game art creation.

Moonmana 3d artists for hire are exceptionally attentive to details and guarantee to deliver a result that meets the client’s requirements and appeals to the target audience. Hire 3D artist team from Moonmana and we will produce top-notch and thrilling 3D objects, characters, environments, icons and items, game assets, props and more for your project.

Hiring Process

We do our best to make the process of hiring a 3d artist team smooth and quick.
We will help you to find a team or a single 3D artist for hire. The process is as follows:

1Project requirements
3Conduct interview
5Define pipelines
and milestones
2Prepare the offer with
relevant candidates
6Decide on the
start date
1Project requirements research
2The offer with relevant candidates approval
3Interview series
4Teams assembling
5Defining milestones
6The start date approval

How To Hire
A 3D Artist?

Have a unique and promising idea but need specialists to turn it into a playable game? At Moonmana, you can find a 3D artist for hire to integrate with your in-house team and help to reach your business objectives quickly and efficiently.

We will start with a thorough analysis of your project’s current stage to determine what kind of specialists you require. We will provide you with our 3D art portfolio and cases, as well as the details of hiring a 3D artist team. Let the best professionals do the work for you.

Our clients say

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2D game artists for hire

Why hire a Moonmana 3D game artist?

Moonmana has been a global game development company since 2008. We are proud of 14+ years of proven track record in developing stunning games with 3D art and animation.

We turn any of your ideas into playable games of various complexity levels, genres, and types. Moonmana offers full-cycle game development as well as outsourcing services including 3D game art production. We stick to the highest standards. Our dedicated experts are fully committed to every project they take on. We will help you to find the best 3d game artist for hire.

We ensure

Personalized approach
and full transparency


Smooth production

Extensive pool of top 3D artists for hire
with profound experience


Reasonable rates

Top-notch technologies
and agile methods

High security
and quality


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About Moonmana

Moonmana is a global game development company founded in 2008.

We’ve been gaining expertise in game development for 14+ years yet we keep getting bigger and striving for more. Our studio provides advanced outsourcing services as well as game development from scratch. Here you can find a 3d game artist for hire required for your project.

We are ready to implement your ideas according to your specific requirements and needs. Moonmana works with top-notch game publishers all over the globe: Warner Brothers, Glu, Rollic, Azerion, Gameforge, and others. We bring together highly-skilled and dedicated experts in 3D animation development. Moonmana keeps expanding the pool of our game development services. We always follow the latest industry trends and insights and apply a client-oriented approach in terms of every project.

Our company has 30+ trusted partners all over the globe and 50+ successful projects in our portfolio. Moonmana provides a proven track record and ensures high-level project implementation.

Moonmana art character


What Is 3D Game Art?

3D game art refers to stunning three-dimensional visual materials for games created by using height, width, and depth. This allows for giving game objects, characters, and environments volume thus making them more realistic. Hire 3D artist team to create exciting visuals that will boost movement and controls in your 3D game.

What does a 3D artist do?

3D artists for hire are responsible for the development of three-dimensional models, required in different industries – from cartoons and movies to game development. They work with height, width, and depth, to produce realistic visual elements. Hire 3D artist who is sufficiently versed in anatomy and has experience working with top-notch software required for 3D game art production.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire 3D Artist?

When hiring a 3d artist that perfectly suits all your requirements, you should consider a number of factors. The level of expertise and experience impacts the price. The cost also depends on other demands such as desired features, timeline, required cooperation model, and so on. Looking for 3D artists for hire to fit into your project? Share the details with us so we will calculate the expenses.

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