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3d environment game art

3D game art company

Moonmana provides a full spectrum of 3D art services, creating highly aesthetic visuals for your game projects

3D game art


We have vast experience and a skilled team on board that enables our clients to embrace all the benefits of 3D Digital Game Art creation for various projects.

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3D game art services we provide

AAA quality photoreal & stylised 3D characters production

We have experience building both custom skeletal systems from scratch and using hi-end systems like metahumans.
We generate ideas, create a concept, design and develop characters that perfectly match the game story and the environment.

  • turnkey development from concept to screening
  • low poly hand painted characters and animals
  • mid poly PBR metahuman
  • custom skillet adjustment and skinning
  • high poly modelling

3D environment design

Our approach to environment development includes level blocking for gameplay testing; concept analysis for preparing master materials, trimsheets, shaders; setting the lighting; creation of the overall mood of the scene; production of organics, hard surface, nature and buildings; creation of all the necessary props and effects.

  • block out scenes for gameplay testing
  • concept art analysis, texture sets preparation
  • shaders preparation
  • basic title elements production and trim sheets
  • light and special effects
3D art environment design Moonmana


We have huge experience in different visual styles, from stylized hand paint to photorealistic PBR organics, hard surface, environments, characters, weapons, props etc.

  • hard surface
  • organics
  • PBR
  • hand paint
  • photorealism and stylization
  • armaments, plants, environment

Technologies we use

Benefits of our 3D game art services

we are experts

We are a team of skilled experts in 3D game art, graphics, animation, environment, and character creation.

14+ years of work

We have 14+ years of extensive and proven experience as a 3D art studio within our game development services.


We use all the necessary technologies backed by the rich knowledge of the industry and its changing requirements.

40+ clients

We’ve been creating top-notch 3D art for 40+ clients, who rely on us projects of any complexity.

Our 3D Game Art Process

Moonmana has been creating games for more than 14 years. During this time we have gathered enormous experience and game art is among our strongest points.

To provide 3d art game art outsourcing we normally apply the generally accepted processes pipeline: concept, design, pre-production and post-production.

We also adapt to any project and client requirements, so our extended 3D game art development pipeline accomodates any client.

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gathering requirements




proposing solutions


concepts and arts




design approval


graphics implementation



Our Team of 3D Game Artists

Overall, our team has 50 + talents ready to deploy any game development project.

Our Team of 3D Game Artists
  • Art Director
  • 3D Concept Artists
  • 3D Character Artists
  • 3D Environment Artists

Our cases & expertise


  • Programming
  • Game design
  • 3D Art and Animation
  • 2D Art
  • QA
  • LEARN MORE Extremely realistic simulator powered by Houdini and Unreal Engine.

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    About Moonmana

    Moonmana is a global game development company founded in 2008

    We work with top-notch game publishers around the world: Warner Brothers, Glu, Rollic, Azerion, Gameforge, and others.

    The key to our company’s success is talented and experienced professionals who work from around the world.

    Our team has 50+ skilled professionals and includes exceptional 3D game art designers and artists.

    In creating 3D art for games, we are utilizing the overall expertise, latest trends, and a personalized approach to create first-rate games all over the world, from the draft concept and idea to production.

    As a 3D game art outsourcing studio and experienced game development company, we have 30+ trusted partners around the world and 50+ successful projects in our portfolio.

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    Slide Sergey Berezhnoy Moonmana team expertly intertwined meta from betting business into core game mechanics and integrated it with the real-life realm of football and betting. This successful project had 100,000 players DAU. Sergey Berezhnoy CPO parimatch Slide Great service delivered for our first milestone and we are looking forward to continue our relationship. Catalin Barascu CMO, IBM Central & Eastern Europe Slide Alexey Menshikov I'm completely amazed on how Moonmana team takes, manages and supports the projects across every game development stage. They helped us much with game porting for XBOX, PS4, PS5 and Switch. Highly recommend! Alexey Menshikov CEO, Beatshapers beatshapers Slide Alexander Rösner Moonmana full-cycle game development company is an amazing partner with a very experienced and skilled team. They develop high-quality projects with unique worlds, game mechanics, and easily overcome the obstacles. Alexander Rösner CEO gameforge Slide Andrey Zolotarenko Moonmana’s crew has been working closely with our in-house team of engineers, performing the perfect co-development synergy that culminated with the game release within a very strict deadline. Andrey Zolotarenko Co-Founder at Hitberry Games hitberry games Slide Aron Beierschmit We've worked with Moonmana on several projects and they have always been very professional, seamlessly integrating resources into our project teams. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for talented client engineers. Aron Beierschmit CEO, Laguna Games laguna games


    What are the benefits of outsourcing 3D game art?

    We have the best developers and artists on board, who fully understand how to make a game from the first glance at the game document. 

    In 3d game art outsourcing and games development, we help not only to create a game, but to share our ideas and experience. 

    Moonmana undertakes full project team set and project integration. That is why the Client doesn’t have to control each and every process of the project or be knowledgeable on the routines of game development processes. Nor does Client have to hire additional staff such as developers with necessary skills. We can do it all for you because we know truly everything about 3D game art creation and we constantly boost the necessary skills of our developers, engineers and artists.

    What is your pricing model?

    We are working according to the standard rates that we are ready to submit for your information. In addition, Moonmana 3D game art studio can provide you with pricing models for full-cycle game development, 2D/3D arts, engineering, porting, DevOps, etc.

    How do 3D artists team communicate with clients?

    Our team consists of 50+ full-time specialists. We have meticulously selected them and provided a qualitative onboarding. Currently they have vast experience of working on outsourcing projects, easily joining any game art projects. They are all English-speaking professionals that know how modern communication flows. We are actively applying varieties of workflow practices, such as daily reports, working charts, and account management communication practices.

    How can I hire your 3D artists for an hourly rate?

    Get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with the hourly rates of our 3D art company specialists, their services and project estimation.

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    Do you have an idea and would like to come in to discuss your game project requirements? Just hurry up and contact us. Submit the form and let’s check how we can cooperate.