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Why Choosing Unity to Create an Android Game in 2023

Warning: This is an old article before unity introduced their suicidal install-fee! Our latest thoughts about unity read in our new article “Is this the end of Unity?”

This time we’ll unveil the most common reasons why studios choose Unity for creating a game for Android in 2023.

Making a Mobile Game in Unity

When thinking about game development, most people associate it with a time- and effort-consuming process that requires lots of resources and dozens of specialists to be involved (if we are talking about serious projects, of course).

When it comes to choosing a game engine for Android, the best solution you can ever find is undoubtedly Unity. Among other features, it has a vast marketplace of either free or paid prebuilt art and code assets. 

Moreover, Unity is optimal for beginners: if you lack experience with Java and Android SDK, developing an Android game will turn out to be quite a challenge. You’ll need to cover a lot yourself, use custom views, rely on some additional libraries, and so on. 

However, even though developing android unity games is simple, you may still face issues and difficulties. To help you avoid the major pitfalls we’ve created an ultimate guide on how to make Android games with Unity


Keep on reading and find out what it takes to build a highly-rated mobile game by using the Unity engine and what you should be ready to go through. 

Is Unity Good for Mobile Games?

Numerous studies have shown that more than a million developers all over the globe choose Unity for mobile games creation.

Unity is a perfect tool for mobile game development because of its robust feature set and use cases. A vast majority of the most popular mobile games were built on Unity, including Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, and Alto’s Adventure. 


To make it a bit clearer, we’ve rounded up a few good reasons why to opt for Unity Android development:

  • Simple cross-platform development. Unity supports 25+ different platforms in addition to Android and iOS. 
  • Sophisticated tools for rendering 2D, 3D, and AR game applications ensuring high-definition graphics production.
  • Wide range of templates and prefabs that enable quick prototyping.
  • Extensive asset store and a huge network of educational resources with step-by-step instructions to walk beginner developers and designers through the basics of Android game development Unity.
  • C# is the primary coding language that’s relatively easy to master and write on.
  • Many components are open source and accessible for improvement.


After all, this is just a shallow overview of Unity. Now, let’s dig a little deeper and learn about more benefits, as well as pitfalls, you may encounter when developing a Unity mobile game

What features do Android video games have?

There are millions of games currently available in Google Play. They vary in terms of genre and complexity levels; some games break the record for the number of downloads while others are left barely noticed. However, regardless of their success (or failure), these games share some essential features.

  • Social features in Android games contribute to the creation of an engaged community of users. These features include activity feeds, in-game chats, push notifications, and guides that allow players to build communities according to common interests, game styles, and levels of involvement. Social features motivate gamers to invite their friends, thus resulting in an expanding user base and the retention of long-term players.
  • Ongoing updates. Don’t you want players to avoid getting tired of your Android game? You must think about how to attract and engage current players then. Adding new features regularly is one of the best solutions here! Keep your game updated in the long-term, thus making users come back and play regularly.
  • Social media platforms for direct interaction with players and gathering valuable data for analytics.
  • Versatile monetization strategies with multiple options for users to pay (e.g., varying prices for different unlockables). 


The mobile gaming industry involves the most diverse player base, with people of all ages from all over the globe. According to recent mobile gaming statistics, there are more than 2.2 billion active mobile gamers worldwide, with 78% of them being Android users.

These numbers are only anticipated to rise, making the mobile gaming industry an exciting frontier for developers.

Making a profitable and compelling mobile game is no small thing – that’s a height to conquer. But luckily, there are many tools out there, making the development process stressless. Unity is the best solution for mobile games as it reduces the learning curve and saves a lot of time. 


We do hope the information we’ve provided in this article will make your journey smooth and easy. 

As long as you’ve learned about the main peculiarities of unity game engine android, you can move on to the best part and finally make android game with unity!

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