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3D art outsourcing game development

Benefits of 3D Art Outsourcing Services in Game Development

Creating custom game assets is believed to be the most important and time-consuming stage in game development. At the same time, outsourcing enables delegating different functions to experienced service providers.

“Enabling focus on core functions” is the most common perceived benefit among companies that use outsourcing, – Deloitte.

Deloitte also shared their Global Outsourcing Survey, in which 65% of respondents said that outsourcing helps them focus on their core business, and 63% said they choose outsourcing due to cost saving.

Working with outsource game development providers, you can eliminate long-lasting hiring processes, onboarding, teams management and continuous reviews. That’s why more and more companies choose outsource providers as a way to more efficient business growth.

What are the benefits of outsourcing 3D game art?

  1. Expertise and proven track record. 3D art outsourcing provides the best developers and artists on board, who will help you to make a game from the first glance on the game document. 
  2. Time saving. A dedicated team of 3D artists can start working on your game project on a full-time basis, delivering high-quality design within strictly approved timelines.
  3. Ability to focus on a core game instead of on hiring, onboarding, and managing processes, and without a necessity to control all the processes and routines. 

As for Moonmana, providing professional outsourcing services in game development for more than 14 years, we specialize in 3D art, 2D art, animation, engineering, porting, DevOps, LiveOps, QA. 

3D game art outsourcing services we provide

Our outsourcing 3D game development services scope encompasses:

3D characters design

  • full-cycle development from concept to screening 
  • low poly hand painted characters and animals 
  • mid poly PBR metahuman 
  • custom skilled adjustment and skinning 

3D environment design  

  • block out scenes for gameplay testing 
  • concept art analysis, lots of necessary texture sets preparation 
  • shaders preparation 
  • basic title elements production and trim sheets
  • lights and special effects 

3D game modeling and 3D sculpting

  • hard surface
  • organics
  • PBR
  • hand paint
  • photorealism and stylization
  • armaments, plants, environment
Moonmana 3D art

As a reliable 3D game art outsourcing studio, Moonmana helps not only to develop a game, but to share outstanding ideas and proven experience. The majority of our customers do not have 3D art as their key focus area, and contact us when they need to be 100% satisfied with final results. To check reviews from our customers – simply find us at Goodfirms.

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About Moonmana

Moonmana is a global game development company founded in 2008. 

In creating 3D art for games, we are capturing the overall expertise, latest tendencies, and personalized approach to create first-rate games all over the world, from the draft concept and idea to production. 

We have vast experience and a high-skilled team on board that enables our clients to embrace all the benefits of outsourcing 3D game development for various game development projects.

No matter if it is a turnkey game development, or separate 3D art outsourcing, – we provide the best service perfectly integrating with your team.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide more info about the professionals in our 3D game art outsourcing studio, core services and portfolio cases.

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