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Interview with Iana Tkachenko

Goodfirms interview with Moonmana COO Iana Tkachenko

Interview with Iana Tkachenko

Founded in 2008, Moonmana is a European game development company and Art production studio that works hand-in-hand with Forbes TOP 13 List of the most valuable video game companies.  

In a decade and more, the company has collaborated successfully with world-class game publishers and game studios, be it Warner Brothers, Glu, Rollic, Azerion, or Gameforge, to create top-notch games. The key to the company’s success is the presence of talented and experienced professionals worldwide.

Moonmana captures the broad expertise, latest trends, and personalized approach to create high-quality games worldwide, from concept to production, when developing projects.

The professionals at Moonmana work hard and deliver only the best results in game development and design with in-depth expertise and cutting-edge technological solutions. They readily accept challenges, devoting all of their creative ideas, talent, and enthusiasm to the realization of game projects. With 14 years of experience in the game development industry, a global presence in over 6+ countries and 70+ professionals, Moonmana has worked on 50+ games. 

Moonmana’s expert developers have created games for companies such as Warner Brothers, Azerion, Glu Mobile (parent company EA), Laguna Games, Rollic (parent company Zynga), Gameforge, Saber Interactive (parent company Embracer Group), Ruby Games (parent company Rovio), and a few others.

Moonmana’s achievements and expertise grabbed  GoodFirms ’researchers’ attention. It was just a matter of time before we approached Moonmana’s COO, Iana Tkachenko, to learn more about the company and its robust services.

Starting with the interview, Iana narrates the story behind the inception of Moonmana. She mentions that Moonmana was founded by a couple, passionate about games, Artem Shpytiak and me, i.e., Iana Tkachenko. They combined their efforts, experience, and expertise in perfect synergy and built a successful company developing high-quality games for over 14 years. “It had all been a dream come true,” she says. 

“Artem was an experienced software developer when he decided to start Moonmana, but game development was his true passion. As a result, he began his career as an indie developer, creating games independently, and then founded a company that is still expanding. Our IP Pirates of Everseas earned $2 million and was Moonmana’s first successful game. That was a watershed moment for the company.”

Adding more to the company’s brief introduction, Iana cites that Artem is responsible for the company’s strategy and production, whereas she is  in charge of the company’s growth and customer success.

Talking about Moonmana’s business model, Iana elucidates that outsourcing is a type of game development in which a client hires a different company to develop specific tasks or the entire project scope, from planning to development and testing. She further elaborates that outstaffing entails hiring experienced professionals to work on a project under the supervision of the client.

“Our national and global growth trajectory skyrocketed,” Iana recalls. “We more than doubled our team, and profitability has skyrocketed as the games industry expands.” She also mentions that Moonmana employs people from seven countries: Spain, Poland, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Moonmana’s games have earned millions of dollars and climbed to the top of the charts. When it comes to Moonmana’s services, Iana exudes confidence that the company’s professionals have extensive experience developing their IPS. As a result, the team can share its expertise with clients to offer them tried-and-true solutions for releasing the next smash hit.

Moonmana’s expert game developers ensure the efficient working process and seamless delivery management required to provide clients with top-notch game development services. The team creates games of various genres and platforms, including iOS, Android, PC (Steam), XBOX, Playstation, and Nintendo.

Furthermore, Iana extols Moonmana’s top-tier full-cycle game development services. She explains that the developers have extensive experience creating games from the ground up. They will walk clients through the entire process, from the initial game concept to the final release and live operations. The experts use extensive knowledge and creativity to turn your concept into a high-quality game.

Thus, rendering services that cover the entire scope from pre-production to game release and additional support enables Moonmana to enter GoodFirms’ global list of top game development companies.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the robust game development services delivered by Moonmana.

moonmana review

At last, Iana says, “We are devoted to every project we work on, and we go the extra mile to create really great games – with amazing art, smooth gameplay, and regular updates.”

“A clear understanding of the client’s needs is essential for customer satisfaction. In terms of the working process, we follow a specific pattern for this. Before beginning the project, we hold meetings with project leads, project managers, and clients to clarify all details and get a complete picture of the project. We also hold daily or weekly meetings to collect and analyze feedback throughout the working process. The next step is to create an estimate that includes a description of all stages.”

She concludes, “I believe Moonmana will be listed among the top global game development companies within the next ten years. We are excited to be a part of creating AAA games that are the best in their class. We intend to broaden our long-term partners’ scope while attracting more highly skilled and talented experts to the team.”

Thus, having gone through the information mentioned above shared by Iana, one can also read the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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